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I found an interesting tid bit on my 1490T. I wanted to see motels past a certain city on my current route. I had programmed the city I planned to stop at and requested hotels near on my current route. I only got a few hotel/motel listings. On a thought I checked how far the city I wanted to stop near was from my current location. I next programmed a destination 200 plus miles beyond the city I wanted to stop near. I then looked for motel/hotels near my current route that were beyond the distance to the city I want to stop at from my current location. I had dozens of new listings just over the range of the city. I then realized the garmin didn't look beyond its destination for additional hotels when looking at near my current route. Hope this makes sense. I like the favorite near my current location, and wish it would be in the top 5 selections so I didn't have to hit the down arrow to select it. Also would like to see a program favorite buttons that remembers several search selections to save keyboard entry while on the road.

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Near my Destination might be

Near my Destination might be a better choice.

Rath *taking a stab at it*

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Easy Technique For You

A very simple technique will do it for you. I've covered the principles on the Garmin Tricks & Tips website in several of my recent articles. The Set Location is the key --

Here is a quick technique

--Put your Garmin in GPS Simulation Mode
--Using Where To?/ Browse, place your vehicle on the outskirts of the first distant city with a Set Location
--Using Where To?/ Cities or possibly other choices, establish an A/B route to the second city via 'Go' -- say 'NO' to simulate driving the route.
--Using Where To?/Points of Interest/Edit/Near/My Current Route/Save/Lodging/Hotel or Motel a listing of 50 hotels/motels will appear that will be along your route -- in order (somewhat).

If the listing doesn't go far enough then just move your vehicle as described above.

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