Nuvi antenna orientation


What works best? Orienting the flip up antenna parallel to the ground or turning it straight up? Parallel seems to make more sense, but I've seen some stuck straight up. Garmin doesn't address this in their manual.


They address it indirectly

The pictures in the manual seem to indicate a generally parallel to the ground, or at a right angle to the unit's orientation in the operational pictures & sections of the manual.

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I think It works best

I think It works best parallel to the ground, and it seems like I read that either in the manual or on Garmin's website.

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antenna position

Page 3 in nuvi 680 manual under Acquire Satellites, Flip up the GPS antenna on the back of the nuvi, so that it is parallel to the ground... (just happened to look at manual online before purchase - not one to read manual until trial & error period wears off and looking for something to read)

parallel to the ground

To the ground. I have an IQue 3600 that manual also states best reception will be achieved when the antenna is parallel to the ground.

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Antenna Position

Same thing in the Owner's Manual for the nuvi 610/660 under Basic Operation: "Flip up the GPS antenna on the back of the nuvi, so that it is parallel to the ground."

Ok, so all of you read the

Ok, so all of you read the manual. Have any of you actually tried different positions, and did it really make a difference?

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