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Restaurant POIs that are not open to the public


You arrive to an area that you've never been before so you punch in restaurants into your GPS and there are some coffee-shops or fast-food places that you want to visit. You select them and start following your GPS and arrive at... a local college that has a Starbucks in one of their food courts (and it's spring break and it's shuttered).
Is there a way to create a 'negative' POI file which shows non-public restaurants? I guess if you had the 'college starbucks' POI file, they would show up next to the regular starbucks and see that it is not open to the public and therefore be ignored.
This has happened to be on more than one occasion, and once I drove 5 miles for one place only to find that it was not accessible to the public.
Charlie in SoFL.


I think that would be served better by a comment in the POI, not a negative POI file.

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Can you modify existing POI files that are 'built-in'?


No, only external POI files. One of the reasons this site is so popular. The POI's are updated regularly.

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I would strongly suggest that you get in the habit of calling places BEFORE you drive there. Many POI's, both built in and custom made on this site, contain old or inaccurate data.

I always call and confirm (1) that the place is open and (2) their street address.


GadgetGuy2008 is right.

Realize that the built in POI files are probably 1 1/2 to 2 years old on most units based on when they were purchased and when they did their last update. While I do not know the mechanics of how corrections, additions and deletions occur on the built-ins, I would use them only as a starting point. With all the smartphones out there, looking up the potential restaurant it easy for my grandson who would call and make reservations. If I did not know the phone, I would stop, get a phonebook and call.

I would be more likely to use one of the POIs on this site directly, but GadgetGuy2008 is still right - call first.

College Towns

We have had the same thing happen to us when travelling. The last time was in Provo when I found a hot dog joint with great reviews on the Net, so I entered the address into the Nuvi - and ended up driving around and around the campus of BYU, on a Sunday confused

But we figure that's part of the adventure of a trip! Driving around Dillon MT one time we asked some students near Montana Western University for a "local" recommendation. We had a great time at a pizza joint in a converted garage... decent food and good people! We have stopped there on other trips but it was never the same as the first time (few things are wink ).

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