Corporate Team Building


I have visited this site from time to time and posted it to my blog:
and my websites:
I create GPS games in cities where people can use their GPS to answer questions based on being closest to the POI. groups learn about the history of a city or really unique locations in the city. Do you there would be interest in me posting the POIs and questions to the games so that someone here might visit the city and 'play' the game? Just curious, really. I have created events in Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, Houston, Central Park in NYC, Tampa, Portland, Maine and other places.
I find POI Factory a very savvy and fascinating site and tell my groups about it. I like to read about how everyone uses GPS in their daily lives. I its use as a
toy, but i can see all of the practical applications, too.
have great day, everyone.

Use Magellan eXplorist 210 for creating corporate team building events around the US. I make maps and teach navigation.