Truck Stop Guide


Just wanted to put out a Channel to get some idea on what is the best format and or layout that would work for over 50% of people. I know I wouldn't be able to make one file that would fit the needs of all. But I'll do my Best.

Please post comments, corrections, idea's or just a thought. I'm open to all. Since this is my first project. Though I jumped in to such a large project.

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In a lot of cases the truck

In a lot of cases the truck entrance is on the opposite side of the parking lot from the Fuel lane. Enter one side, circle around the rear to the pumps, exit out the other side of the parking lot. The fuel lanes will almost always be far enough away from the entrance to prevent trucks from racing up into traffic. When you look at a Google Sat map, it's usually very easy to see the truck entrance. Look for the rubber trails.

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don't worry your files are safe.

did you not notice that the file you are talking about said that it was independent truck and travel stops. that will be a help to anyone trucker or rv'r or just a person who want to get away from chain resturants and truckstops.

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