How do businesses submit for built in POIs?


I was searching the internal POI file on my 1490T for a few local restaurants that I have already added manually. I did this so I could use the Feedback feature built into the unit.

I noticed that a few of the places were not in the internal database, included one place that is high tech cafe & bar. It is owned by the same guy who owns a pizza place right next door. The pizza place is in the database, but the bar is not.

It seems strange that the owner would submit one business, but not the other. That got me thinking and so I'm now curious how businesses go about getting listed in these databases?


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Just a Guess

My guess would be that the business locations are not submitted but are obtained from companies that prepare and sell business databases, such as CustomLists.Net’s “American Business Database”.

Garmin or its map provider, Navteq, would probably consider the answer to the questions of how and where they actually get their information to be proprietary.

The “American Business Database” has approximately 28.6 million listings from sources including the White Pages, Yellow Pages, IRS records, and company registration records. For each listing, the information includes, but is not limited to: business name, address, and phone number. The database costs about $400.00 and comes in .csv format. All that would have to be added is the coordinates. How Navteq/Garmin would determine the coordinates is also probably proprietary info.

Since a Garmin unit has only 6 million POIs (including numerous non-business POIs), some editing is obvious and might explain why many businesses are not among the built-in POIs.

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For Navteq..

Maybe the bar was opened after the pizza place & it hasn't been included in the latest?

Navteq link for 'pay to play' is ..

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Maybe the owner had a few too many in the bar and forgot to list the bar.