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Upgraded to a Nuvi660 and handed down my Nuvi350 to my sister, who works at Ia. State University and she's been playing with her 'new' toy...and discovered something I had not...when plotting a route, even with every avoidance in the unit unselected, the route it plots from her place of work on campus to her apartment goes around the East edge of campus rather than over central campus streets.

Has anyone else noticed something similar? I even tried it on MapSource - gave me the same route. I wonder if the routing engine treats streets on campus as private roads??

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You may be right

I know some kuniversities have streets in the heart of the campus designaged more as pedestrian malls than traffic throughfares. I am guessing the GPS would recognize that and not route you down those streets.

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As Far as I Know

This is strictly dependent on the data in the Navteq maps. So you can have a road, but it has be reported to Navteq as private, the road may still be there but the GPS won't route you down it because it has been marked as a private road or driveway in the Map database.

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Try changing vehicle type

Try having her change navigation vechicle setting to "emergency".

I remember someone had a similar situation and I think it worked for them.

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