What is the Datum used along with these Coords. posted on the POI factory?


I have tried NAD27 and NAD83 and he WGS datums. My info does not match up on the Google Maps imported in Mapsource.

I am trying to convert my Garmin Mapsource to fit the POI custom coords. data so I can add new Speed Cameras. I had had the Mapsource program set to UTM's and NAD 27 at one time but cannot seem to get it to be in line with the POI data.

Thanks in Advance.

WGS 84

WGS 84, but what are you trying to do, exactly? I think your problem lies elsewhere.

Trying to get the coordinates to agree on Map Source & POI Data.

If it is WGS 84 then why does the data not agree? For instance: Mapsource shows a point as -90 02.454 29 56.669 while the POI point is shown something close to -90 04.939 29 94326

I do not understand why they do not match more closely. An Idea? Thanks for the response.

Are you using decimal degrees consistently?

POI's here are decimal degrees such 90.12345. Your comment was written in decimal minutes. Are you mixing the 2 up?


Nuvi 350, GPS Map 76CX


Mapsource prefs, Position
Grid: Lat/Lon hddd.ddddd and
Datum: WGS 84

Although if you use EPE then it natively uses a Google Map display & the correct decimal format.


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