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I had my unit for about 5 weeks when i had to send it back because of a software problem. I called garmin, total time on the phone was at the most 15 minutes, got a rma number and sent it back. The longest wait was for the post office to send it. Looks like garmin recieved my GPS and sent me a new one the next day. Total time was 10 days.

I was just wondering if anyone else has sent their GPS back for repair/exchange and how they rate their experience was with garmin. I am very happy with the service i got from them. I explained my problem, they said send it back and i got a good turn around time. I have only had the new unit for 3 days so i cant say it doesnt have the problems that the old unit had but so far so good.

Warranty service

The 765T that I purchased was defective (would overheat and shut down). As I recall turnaround time was similar to your experience. For my claim, I would grade the warranty service A+. The exchanged unit has performed flawlessly.

I'm glad to hear their

I'm glad to hear their service continues to be good, they're one of the few companies left that I trust. The only other major company I've dealt with that has similar service is Apple, their service is second to none.

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Just Wish I Hadn't had to Use it so Often

Service is great but having had to use it 8 time with 3 different units (350, 750,765) is not such a good thing.

2-3 weeks for round trip

A friend of mine has a Garmin and tried to do an update. It notified her the unit was on a recall list for the battery. Round trip was 2-3 weeks.


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Turn Around?

It is good to see many positive responses for any product or company.
Most of us only take time to write when we are displeased.
I just wish they would re-consider my MP3 player and Aux. jack, before i purchase another updated unit.
So far my 885t is doing well.

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Garmin's repair process is

Garmin's repair process is excellent. They send you a unit as soon as they receive yours.

That as my experience with

That as my experience with my nuvi 680. had to send it back every year for a battery replacement. Service and turnaround was quick and easy, but the inconvenience was a pain.

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