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Newbie question: What is difference between CSV and GPX files? When would I choose one over the other?

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That's often asked. Depends on quite a few things, but have a look at this and the links on the page:

Editing preferences, unit display preferences, and the type of POIs (subject, driving habits, etc) you frequently use all factor in to the answer.

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CSV is a universal, free-form format. There are up to 4 fields, Longitude, Latitude, POI Name and a free-form fourth column that may contain address information or anything else the builder decides.

GPX format, specifically on a Garmin system, is a format that includes various data fields, address, city, state, zipcode, phone number,URL, photo link, speed limit (if a speed camera POI), proximity alert distance, comment, description and POI symbol. Obviously for a Garmin user this would be the preferred format as every POI point will display on your device in similar display, so you can recognize an address at a glance while riding/driving. If you have a bluetooth compatible phone and GPS, POIs with phone numbers can be called from the GPS. A TourGuide can be made that includes photos of each POI and can play an mp3 of each POI on your full-featured Garmin device. In MapSource, you can open a GPX file and use it for route planning. The URL can direct MapSource to a website about that POI.

Extra_POI_Editor, a freely usable probram by Turboccc, can convert a gpx to a csv for non-Garmin users. It has the advantage of formatting your csv output in a more uniform look than the free-form csv files. It can also convert csv to gpx, but due to the csv free-form nature, it can be a lot of work to put fields into their correct gpx slots.

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Size of the files are smaller for csv, too. Redlight and Speed cams can remain in the csv format, as they don't have the additional info that are required for gpx files. I use a mix of both for my poi's.

But, it really comes down to personal preference.

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Upload csv AND gpx?

I've seen several contributors upload csv AND gpx for the same POI file. I'd like to do the same, but can't find a way to do it. It seems I can upload one or the other, but not both. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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Not both together, but click on the link "upload and share a CSV or GPX file" (upper right portion of the web page). Attach one of the files. Click on the link again and attach the other file.

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