Anybody Else having this problem with Downloading POI Files


When I download files from My Favorite Files, it seems that I have no problem downloading the first file. When I try to download the next file I have been getting the following message:

"Unable to download "(poi.csv)" from
Unable to open this internet site. The requested site is either unavailable or cannot be found"

(Note: where (poi.csv) is the name of the file) I usually have to log out and log back in to get the next file, and then have the same problem over again.

I tried other download sites to see if it was my computer, but have no problem downloading.

This problem has been happening for about a week now.

(Sorry I originally posted this in the wrong area - it has been a long day)

Anybody Else having this problem with Downloading POI Files

Forgot to add. When I check my download file folder, the files are there and when I pull them up they seem to be alright. When I use POI Loader I have no problem converting them.


Which browser are you using? Maybe try both IE and Firefox.



I've no problems with this site and FF.

Sounds like a firewall issue to me.

Michael (Nuvi 2639LMT)


Must be IE - I used Firefox - no problem. Now to try to figure out what changed in IE

IE no problem for me

I usually download my files via poisync but just now tested by manually downloading six in quick succession vis IE (version 8).

Try deleting your temporary internet files and see if that helps.

Using IE

I'm using IE and am having no problems.

Chrome Browser

I use Google's Chrome browser and have had no issues.

Downloaded some files

Downloaded some files tonight with no problems using IE 8

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FF and no problems.

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firefox or chrome for me

i don't use ie bad business