help with dir structure


im a trucker and have alot of pois files 300+ my question is when they are loaded they all go into one big file .....question can i make dirs IE state hwys,trk stops...etc then load them to my unit while keeping the dir structure?????so instead of having 300 sepret entres i could have lets say 20...... tks also ive been reading about all the members here.... and looked at mine ive been here for 3years and 38 weeks ...does this make me an old timer????????

Yes You Can!


Hello and welcome,

If you separate your files out you can...


Cat Scales.csv
Cat Scales.bmp
Cat Scales.wav or mp3

Weigh Station.csv
Weigh Station.bmp
Weigh Station.wav or mp3

Low Clearance.gpx
Low Clearance.bmp
Low Clearance.wav or mp3

This example allows for an icon and sound file depending on your unit.

Go here for a more complete Reference!!

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Individual Choices

I have my Master file

Custom POIs
>Rest Areas
>>Rest Areas Canada
>Time Zones
>Trusted Auto Repair
>>Speed Cameras
>>Radar Traps

I make Gas file POIs, Crackerbarrels, into TourGuides with .wav voice files.
I load files with POI Loader in manual mode to set individual alert distances.

How one person does it !

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MrKenFL's directory structure is what your should follow.

Note the primary folder "Custom POIs". This is the folder to which POILoader is pointed.

Note there are two levels of subfolders. You are not allowed any more.


Garmin also has a max of 32 POI files per sub-folder.

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