What Navigation Challenges Need To Be Addresses Now Or In The Near Future?


As post in the subject line, I have been thinking about navigation challenges and the two that come immediately to my mind are:

-Indoor Navigation

-Keeping Data Current

For example, last week I was in a very large multiple story building and I was thinking that the navigation function on my Android phone might be helpful for getting around inside.

Also, with the speed of the internet comes expectations from users that the GPS data is current. I think Garmin is moving in the right direction by having Lifetime Maps available with many units. Also, wireless is so popular that I really think Garmin needs to consider adding wifi to new units to make updating the Lifetime Maps just that much easier. Not that connecting via a USB cable is all that difficult, but it would be handy!

Two different things--

The first is location information. GPS receivers provide you with a location. (By definition it's a current location.)

The second is what do you do with that location information -- mapping it to the appropriate user space.

The first part is for big organizations (US, EU, Russia, China, Japan) to provide.

The second is a good candidate for local augmentation. Garmin, NAVTEQ, and the like can provide that augmentation on a coarse level (You are currently going northbound on highway 395 with an exit in 3KM).

We don't have agreement yet on providing this augmentation on a finer level (apartment 3135 is in the second building to your left, third floor, end of the left corridor), or more likely (Mr Bean is offering a 25% discount on all single coffee orders! Just come in and say "Blort!" with your order).

Open Wi-Fi probably is part of the solution. Figure it out and we'll name it after you...

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