Noticed some of the POI pages have icons and sound downloads. How are these associated with the locations in the GPS? meaning if I download the sounds and icons for walmarts, how will my gps know to use those for walmarts only?

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have your poi, icon and

have your poi, icon and sound files in the same folder. they need to have the same name. use the poi loader to load them to your gps. i load moine to sd cards for easier updating. search this site for tourguide. when this is included in the file name is gives more options such as proximity and speed. these can be edited using the extra poi editor this program can also be located on this site.

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You have not put into your profile which unit you have but I will assume you are new to GPS units.

You will enjoy the unit more if you will take a couple of preliminary steps.

look at these two FAQs to get positioned.

Then take a look at
How do you set up and load custom pois with or without categories by charlesd45.