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Last updated 08/16/2012

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After examining the old "Ontario Provincial Parks_V" file currently on the POI site I realized how inaccurate the locations were for virtually all the parks.

What is included here is a completely fresh set of 109 active Ontario Provincial Parks. For all parks with designated camping facilities (and day use parks) the POI coordinate is the main park entrance sign (usually the turn-off from the nearest highway). I've also included phone numbers for all parks, as well as various other information as I found it.

These POI locations were verified by Google Maps/streetview or my personal visits. If anyone has a different lat/long for the park entrance, please let me know and I can amend the file. However, there are only a handful in this file that I wasn't absolutely certain about.

In addition, I've included the northern back-country canoe camping parks. For these the POI coordinate is simply the center of the park, as there is (with one exception) no automobile access to these parks. The one exception is Lady Evelyn-Smoothwater, which has the lat/long placed on a logging access road, but which I wouldn't recommend passage without a large 4x4 or ATV. I've tried to identify backcountry campgrounds with the comments section of the GPX.

I would strongly recommend that anyone packaging "Ontario Provincial Parks" into a larger collection use this file instead of the old version, as I can only imagine how utterly frustrating it would be to try and reach the park with the POI's the way they were set up in the other version. Some of them were three roads away, or on the wrong side of a large lake, or up to 20 km away from the park entrance!

Edited by Miss Poi 5-14-07: removed duplicate data after putting file through poi verifier.

Edit by Miss POI 01-21-08: Mark42 cleaned up the file for us.

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