Contributors of the Week 2010-12-27


This week we are recognizing VinceCANuvi and Tonytruck.

VinceCANuvi, Blew through the "What POI's would you like to see on here" thread like a tornado and answered everyone's questions. If there was not a file available, he made one. I love to see members take this sort of initiative to help make this community better. Great Job!!!!

Tonytruck has been working behind the scenes with me on the red light camera file. It has been a pleasure to receive his emails detailing what he is seeing out there. I have been getting reports of poles being installed and then follow ups when the cameras go in. He has been instrumental in helping me with the recent influx of cameras going up in his area.

Huge thanks to both of these guys for bringing the new year in with great contributions!!!

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Good job

Thanks for contributions to the site and the hard work that goes with it.It is greatly appreciated.

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First moo^3 of the year

3 moo salute!!!

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Congratulations to VinceCANuvi and Tonytruck and thanks for all you hard work.

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Nice Job !

Thanks for your diligence and hard work.........congratulations to both of you !

Recognizing VinceCANuvi and Tonytruck

We are recognizing VinceCANuvi and Tonytruck for all there hard work. Thanks again and Congratulations to both of you.We all appreciate it.
Keep up the great work. grin grin

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Thank you for your efforts. Keep up the good work!


for your contributions to POI Factory. Congratulations! Enjoy your week in the COW spotlight.

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Congrats to both. Way to go that what this site is all about. Good Job.

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Congrats VinceCANuvi and Tonytruck and thank you for a job well done. smile smile

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Congrats go to VinceCANuvi

Congrats go to VinceCANuvi and Tonytruck. Well done.

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Thanks Guys

For a job well done

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to VinceCANuvi and Tonytruck,keep up the fantastic work, it is greatly appreciated. wink

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Good job

Good job

Well Deserved!

Great job guys.

Thank you.


Congratulations VinceCANuvi

Congratulations VinceCANuvi and Tonytruck. Thanks for all of your contributions.

Moo to the both of ya !

Great job, thanks for all your contributions !

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Thank you for the award!

I do get a lot of satisfaction from creating POIs and also from seeing that others are downloading them. This is a great site and it is nice to be apart of such a positive group.

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congrats and



for a job well done. It is what makes this site a real winner

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Congrats! Good work!

Congrats! Good work!

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Congratulations, VinceCANuvi and Tonytruck! Thank you for your efforts!



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Congrats VinceCANuvi and Tonytruck!

Job well done! smile


Thanks to both of you. All the accolades are well deserved.