Garmin 255 WT


question I received this Garmin version as Christmas gift and after exploring this site I realize that this version is specific to Best Buy and featured on Black Friday 2009..more than one year ago. I also received (believe it or not) a TomTom
XXL 550T. One GPS from Mom and one from my son and daughter-in law. I don't know what to do. High end problem, right. But one needs to be quietly returned. Is the Garmin 255WT some kind of Euro remainder? Is the TomTom better? Help. Thank you.


I have the Garmin. You can update it to the latest maps so its date of manufacture should not make a difference.

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I can't recommend

I do not know the differences between the garmin and tom tom, but I can tell you that you have come to a great site.
With that said you will find more info and forums relating to Garmin than Tom Tom.

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The good thing about Garmin

The good thing about the Garmin is you get one bite at the apple for a free map update within 60 days of the unit's first "use." Tom-Tom gives you 30 days. Use is defined as a combination of satellite lock and the unit moving at approximately 20 MPH. There have been reports that registration of the unit also starts the clock.

Both units have traffic reports, and I don't think the Tom-Tom supports routes (itineraries). The 255 doesn't doe certain. One thing I did notice is the TT does not support an external memory card while the Garmin does.

My personal experience is with Garmin units, so I can state adding custom POI, icons, and audio alerts is easy with the Garmin. Your mileage may vary.

Both products have their advantages and disadvantages. You'll hear a lot more about the Garmin on this site as most users use the Garmin units so you'll hear more about the warts present in the Garmins than TT.

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Garmin 255WT

Thank you all for your input. I'm still on the fence and I'm a great procrastinator so I suspect I'll decide the day before I need to commit. And you're so right this is a wonderful site!!