House of Jerky stores (CSV Format)

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Last updated 01/01/2011

Raw file: House of Jerky stores.csv (1.73 KB)

Includes 11 locations in the following areas:

  • United States: CA, FL, IN, MI, TN

Summary: This is a location list of House of Jerky stores roadside convenience stores.

Idea: RonJS posted Thu, 09/02/2010 - 2:44pm in the What poi's would you like to see on here thread:

RonJS wrote:

For hundreds of years jerky has served as a food for travelers. How about a POI file of locations to find quality, craft made jerky's? Ron


Details: Jerky is meat that has been cut into strips, trimmed of fat, marinated in a spicy, salty, sweet rub, or liquid, and dried or smoked with low heat (usually under 70 °C/160 °F) or is occasionally just salted and sun-dried. The result is a salty, savory, or semisweet snack that can be eaten fresh, or be stored for a long time without refrigeration.

The House of Jerky stores was founded in 1994 in Temecula, CA as a roadside stop that sold their own brand of jerky. Since that time, House of Jerky has grown into a store chain found on both sides of the Mississippi that offers typical and not easily found game meat jerky.

Purpose A purpose of this POI is to provide a location list for all House of Jerky stores. The location information was obtained from While a POI file of locations to find quality, craft made jerky's would be nice, I don't know of such an address list. If someone has one, please provide it to me and I'll make a POI from it.

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