How to upload sound and images for GPX


I've created a POI GPX file of Ranger Boat dealerships. I have jpg images of the Google Street View that I've created and a wav and bmp file, but I don't see any way to upload them.

I put them altogether in a zip file but the upload wants only gpx or csv extensions.

The POI loader will bring in the images and adds a thumbnail to the screen. Press the thumbnail image and the full picture will display, showing you what the dealership looks like.

Rich W.

Rich Nuvi 255W, 2597LMT

Try this

see create content

see the "create content" link under your user name in the upper right pane of this page.

Uploaded GPX, emailed the rest

Thanks, jgermann smile
I was able to upload the GPX file through the create content link. I didn't know what to do with the wav, bmp and jpg files I wanted to include.

I zipped them up and sent to the link that Craigw pointed me to. I'm assuming Miss Poi will link them altogether when they are made available. I see other new csv/gpx uploads with attachments.


Rich Nuvi 255W, 2597LMT