Casio EX-H20G Hybrid GPS 14 Megapixel Digital Camera


Casio Exlim-H20G Hybrid GPS Camera

I just purchased one of these ($189.99 from Cameraland in NY). I have only had it a couple of days; not long enough for any meaningful review or conclusions, but the GPS function is pretty interesting. In addition to a normal GPS receiver, it uses a sort of dead-reckoning mechanism (an electronic compass and accelerometer) to track your position when indoors or anywhere you lose GPS signal. So far the GPS/geotagging function seems to work very good, although the included basemap is REALLY basic as you would expect. The camera starts up and acquires a position very quickly (just a few seconds). If you leave the GPS receiver enabled when the camera is shut off, it still records your position once every 10 minutes to keep the position data up to date. You can also dump off the daily track log as a .KML file for plotting in Google Earth and other applications (I have not tried this yet tho).

I know many of the smart phones have great cameras and can do geotagging, but the Casio seemed like a good camera choice for me as I don't need a fancy phone and its recurring costs. I am not a camera enthusiast and just need a simple point and shoot camera for family gatherings and travel, but have always wanted to geotag my photos without a lot of hassle.

I will try to post more specific observations after I have had more time to use the Casio.

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Casio EX-H20G Hybrid GPS 14 Megapixel Digital Camera

Thank you for posting that. I had almost forgotten that I posted this last year. I am glad to hear that you bought it and enjoy it.