What make GPS comes in the worlds most expensive car?


That would be a Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport at $2,580,000.00.

Well from the Road Test in the January 2011 Motor Trend I quote:

"There's no navigation in the $2.6 million Super Sport, not even an option. Bugatti flacks admitted that adding a nav system worthy of the Veyron would be too expensive for such a low volume vehicle, and recommend Garmin or TomTom units. Seriously? Yup." smile

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How good would that be at 200 MPH?

Turn right 350 feet ago! grin

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I can't remember

My brain is getting old too fast.. I can't remember who we ended up using at Range Rover before I left in '07, but the maps were Navteq and the software wasn't Garmin for sure. It was some other OEM behind-the-scenes company. Now that it's (L.R.) passed to yet another owner and continues to prop up Jag, they probably use someone different for the gps software anyway.

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