Newbe and my first GPS


Well I took the plunge and bought my first gps last week, a Garmin Nuvi 855 from Amazon for $119. My keen since of direction has failed me a couple of times this year, so it was time. Wow! All I can say is I had no idea what all these things can do, finding this site and its resources and the ability to do the custom poi is great.
I have updated the firmware and maps and used the recommended voice editing software to tweak the volume and a couple of commands so far.

Thanks to all

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goSPEEDgo wrote:

I found this site last night - thank you for all the great info!! I feel like this is GPS thing is going to be yet another obsession of mine...

Welcome to the site.Yes you will get hooked.

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So many POI's so little

So many POI's so little time.


John B - Garmin 765T

POI Creativity - or not

I don't see myself having a problem creating a POI, just creating 1 that would be worthwhile to someone other than myself.

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greetings and welcome to a wonderful site .


Welcome to a great site with great people.

Enjoy it and a happy new year.

Alan-Garmin c340
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