Contributors of the Week 2010-11-15


This week we are recognizing Gravecare for his fantastic new Tutorial on using POI Loader. Here is a link:

I have been asking for a POI Loader video from the community for years now and I am so happy that we finally have one.

I will be linking this to our FAQ area.

Great Job Gravecare, we really appreciate your time and effort in producing this outstanding tutorial.

Miss POI

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Great job

Thanks Gravecare for a great job.

Seeing it in video is much easier.

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welcome to the COW Club

Moo ^3.

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Great Job !

Well done presentation and thank you for all the hard work !



Great Work!!!

Wish I had this when I first Joined!

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Good job.

Nice presentation Gravecare.

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Excellent video, well

Excellent video, well presented and audio is top notch smile

Way to Go

Thanks for the info and welcome to the COW club.

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Congrats! Excellent work, much appreciated...and very helpful.

Congrats Gravecare!

Excellent work, much appreciated...and very helpful.

Thank you!

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Thank you, Gravecare. A great job!

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Recognizing Gravecare

Congratulations Gravecare and thanks for all your hard work and
the dedication to this site.We appreciated it grin Thank you

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Very Cool

Congratulations on a job well done.

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From an ex gravedigger

Congrats Gravecare, thanks for your contribution.

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Great job

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It is great to have that as added help on the website. Great Job

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Great job!
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Congratulations Gravecare.

Enjoy your week as a COW!

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Congrats Gravecare and thank you for a job well done. smile

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I'm a COW!!!!

Thank you so much for making me a COW. grin

I have been researching cemeteries for many years and first came to this site looking for a data set on cemeteries. Over the last 18 months I have researched and visited literally hundreds of cemeteries in over 30 states (on two cross-country drives) using the POI file from POI-Factory.

Thank you for offering such an amazing tool.

I know I share a love of cemeteries with many of you. If you also love cemeteries (both old and new) please feel free to write me anytime via the contact form on our website ( ) or just drop by the blog for lots of information on grave care.

Thank you again to everyone at POI-Factory for the great POI files.



Your work will be appreciated by many I am sure. Thanks.


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Congrats Gravecare!

Job well done! smile

Nice Work

Videos are so much better than text in these cases. Thanks for the nice job~~

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Thank You!!!

Thank you Gravecare for the awesome video! This will help a lot of people!

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Thank You Gravecare

For all your time and efforts!

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Great job - thanks!

Great job - thanks!

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Gravecare,Great Job wink

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Gravecare,Great Job wink

garmin nuvi,750 ***3ʇǝʞɔɐɾpǝɹ*** garmin nuvi,855 garmin nuvi,1490t


Thank you for your work.


Keep up the good work!

Thanks for all of your hard

Thanks for all of your hard work. Happy Thanksgiving to everybody!!!


Thank you, Gravecare! This is excellent!

Good Job!

You help make this site what it is. Thanks.