iGO8 speedcamera format



Was wondering does anyone know the format for entering speedcamera data into the iGO8 version of software, been searching but not found anything as yet.

As I understand speedcamera's are different to regular POI's which use the KML format.



Looks like the the IGO 8 is compatible with the cvs file format used by Garmin, Navigon and others.


Good luck with this GPSr, make sure it has the latest updates loaded.


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This is what i found in case

This is what i found in case others find this info useful:

- uses a CSV type file, unencrypted.
- place file in the content\poi\speedcamera folder.
- any file name with extension .txt

::Example of file::

X - Lng
Y - Lat
TYPE - camera type: 1)speed 2)built in traffic light 3)red light 4)section 5)radar
SPEED - limit
DIRTYPE - direction of operation 0)all 1)single direction 2)both direction
DIRECTION - camera angle (0~360)

Speed camera

best u load the data base from pocket world then download Kikker 2.5 skin it had all the directions
mine works fine

Good luck


Primo adds quite a few more

As an aside:

iGO Primo adds...quite a few more categories, including proximity alerts for things like railroad crossings, fire stations, school zones and the like. In general, though, the speedcam.txt format used by Primo works the same as in older versions of iGO (in that it's a pipe-delimited file in the general format noted).

Probably the easiest program I've found so far to massage speedcam.txt files and to compile them from other formats (including the one here on POI Factory) is a tool called PrimAlert (which can be downloaded at http://www.eyegps.gr/downloads.asp and which also includes a lot of other useful tools for iGO users including a very nice POI creation tool).


Would this program work as well for editing?