New Hampshire State Police locations.

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Last updated 11/10/2010

Raw file: Police,State,NH.gpx (5.09 KB)

Since I did the Mass ones I decided to do the New Hampshire ones for the same reasons.

I went to the NH SP website and typed in all their addresses and phone numbers to a spreadsheet, ran them through an "address to coordinate" website, and created a spiffy GPX file with all the info. Unlike the MSP file I did, I was unable to verify each physical location.

I noticed that only one of them showed up in Base Camp from Garmin.

I found a bunch that Garmin didn't have and Google Earth didn't have any of the entries.

So, here's the file in GPX form with as much info as I could get into it. My need for doing this was so that I have, in my Bluetooth enabled GPS, the phone numbers for the State Police when I need it.

Disclaimer! No warranty expressed or implied regarding this data in any form. Use of this data means acceptance of this disclaimer.

Common sense is your responsibility. I provide this data/file as a courtesy to others.