Massachusetts State Police locations.


I got the bug in me to get this done once and for all so I created (and have uploaded) a GPX file with this content.

I encourage other members in other states to do the same thing so that all states can be done accuratly.

I went to the website where the locations of each MSP station is. I typed them into a spreadsheet and fed it to a website doing address to coordinate conversions, took this output, put it into Garmin Basecamp and Google Earth. I then searched the pictures from overhead and found each building and relocated the POI to match the map and then looked at Basecamp maps and found the location as best as I could and saved them all.

One of my reason for doing all this was so that I'd end up with a GPX file that not just has this info but so that the GPX extentions were complete so that the phone number was in there and my GPS (bluetooth enabled) can dial the phone number of the closest station. In doing this, I found a number of locations that my Garmin Basecamp didn't have, weren't close (one a number of miles off) and some Garmin has dead-on. The other thing that this gives me is a name I can identify, it turns out that Garmin's name for the MSP requires the complete spelling of "Massachusetts State Police" and they don't seem to appear under the heading of "Police" or anything else that I could find.

I also took an image off the MSP website and shrunk it down to be an icon for the file too.