Create route-after the fact


I have never used the route feature on my 1490 and I want to try now. However sometimes I only know I want the route after I have done it so is there a way to create once you get to destination and realize you want to save?


I don't think any of the Garmin's (except maybe zumos?) have a function on the unit to do that, but your latest "tracks" are available in the "Current.gpx" file in the unit's Garmin/GPX folder.

I think the easiest way to save them or parts of them as a route is to open current.gpx in either MapSource or BaseCamp, and edit/save the tracks as routes.

Maybe someone else here with a 680 has another method & can share. There are other software progs out there like GPSBabel, RouteConverter, GPS TrackMaker, etc. to do the same type of thing, but MS or BC is pobably just as easy.

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Mapsource will load your Tracks, and you can trace over the track to duplicate the route. Not very elegant, but it works.


I have been adding my routes (on 765T) but to answer the original posters question. Yes you can add a route directly on the Nuvi using your recently found folder as via points (or favorites or POI.



I would use your start and end points and then compare the route with your bread-crumb trail, add additional waypoints to your new route until you are satisfied.

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