Canadian Thanksgiving Weekend


20 more minutes to the long weekend. Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canuks.

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Is it a coincidence that the Canadian Thanksgiving coincides with the start of the NHL season? Hmmmmm.

thanks giving

Ya and it is going to be a nice sunny weekend ,and that is rare around here.


Turkey Day

Which I'll forego for a nice steak! Have a safe weekend all.

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You don't

coonhunter wrote:

Ya and it is going to be a nice sunny weekend ,and that is rare around here.

You don't live on the west coast where it's going to rain all weekend. sad . Oh well we don't have to shovel it.

Hope our American friends have a great Columbus Day weekend as well.

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Thanks d-moo

I'm going to deep fry my turkey as they do down south grin

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Deep Fried Turkey

is the best bird I have ever eaten, BUT I do truly miss having stuffing cooked IN the bird.

Happy Thanksgiving to our good friends to the North!!

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My sister up north is not looking forward to cooking for the family this weekend. Down here it is Columbus Day and I have nothing special planned.

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