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Another of Technology's "WHY??"s

Just because you can doesn't mean it's a good idea, or that people will buy it...

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Clever but Needs Lots of Work

Interesting where technology can lead. But it needs a HUGE amount of work before it would be attractive at least to the American market.

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Staple of Sci-Fi...

Tightly integrated personal displays have been a staple of sci-fi for a couple of decades now. Plays a supporting role in Gibson's "Neuromancer."

Still a few decades away perhaps, but personal displays are on the way, and the sky's the limit -- much fun and much mischief.

Can't remember the title of the cyberpunk novel from a few years ago that used a sort of contact lens that was both image sensor and image generator, enabling augmented reality.

...and whenever it happens, you can bet it will be filled with advertisements and spam!

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That'll work

Lol we get fines for using cellphones while driving, cool, now i can use my gps nobody will know. It would never side track me, i could still pay attention while driving............YA right

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