The Cake


Does anyone remember the old classic show , the little
rascals. Check this link below, I am still laughing smile

i actually carry on my ipod ...

... georgia jean larue's rendition of "i'm going to hollywood", which leads into alfalfa's rendition of "i'm through with love", from the 1937 episode "reunion in rhythm", which incidentally marked the official handoff of the series from the older retiring cast members (mickey, mary, farina et al) to their younger replacements (spanky, darla, buckwheat et al)

also on the ipod is "old macdonald had a farm" by the cabin kids, from the 1935 episode "teacher's beau".

"is it possible to found a party for those who are not sure they are right? that would be my party. in any event, I do not insult those who are not on my side. that is my only originality." — albert camus


I was hoping for cake

good comedy

That and the Three Stooges were two of my favorite shows growing up.

"You said it!" I always

"You said it!"

I always remembered that line for some reason.

where is the cake?

where is the cake?