nuvi 1300 loss of satellites


My Garmin Nuvi 1300 all of a sudden lost satellite reception and will not regain it. It is not a windshield problem as it has worked in this truck for over a year.
It keeps saying 'loss of satellite reception" or if i turn it on and off "aquireing satellites" but it never does.

Anyone know if this is a simple fix? Is it worth repairing?

If not worth repairing I will replace it with my nuvi 750 I use for home and upgrade that one, so what would be a good upgrade to a nuvi 750?

And as of right now, I can't get anything off the Garmin web site, everything comes up can't load the page.

Also the 1300 has "offers" is there anyway to turn that off?

And how can I make sure if I buy a new unit that it does NOT have "offers"


I called Garmin about offers. They said that the "offers" is what pays for the traffic portion of your GPS. You can only make the offers not come on by not plugging in the charger. That will only work as long as your battery holds up. I dont know anything about lost satellite reception. when mine does that it is usually when i am sitting inside my house for a while. I can go outside and hold up my GPS and it will pick the satellites back up.

re: nuvi 1300 loss of satellites...

Here's a little trick that might let you know, or understand, if the unit is really loosing satellite signal or whether the unit is flimsy.

With the unit running on internal battery:

Turn it on and get to the start screen (Where to? - View Map)

Where you see the signal strength bars... Press and hold until it jumps to the next screen (maybe ten seconds or so).

This is the individual satellite signal strength screen. Each satellite has a bar associated with it (up to eight bars, more or less).

Check this before you get rolling down the road and after you encounter problems with loss of satellites.

If all is normal before and after, its a firmware/electronic problem.

The Circle area represents where the satellites are in the sky. The outer circle is the horizon around you and the inner circle is 45 degrees (forming a cone around you). The red dot is north. The yellow eight-point is the position of the sun.

And one more thing to consider... If you are using the Traffic Power Cord, try going back (if you have one) to the standard power cord.

Good luck.

Delete Data That Is Not Needed

Free up memory to make the nuvi run faster. Delete tracks and recently found.

After backing up all files to the PC, delete language files that are not needed. They can always be downloaded again in the future.

My policy has always been to keep the nuvi fully updated with maps and firmware updates.


Remember GPS Basics

There may not be anything wrong.

No matter where you are in the world, sometimes the satellites are more overhead and sometimes they are closer to the horizon. This is cyclical - it gets better and worse.

If the satellites are lower, it makes it more likely that tall buildings, or mountains, or trees, or even rain will give you a weaker signal.

The nuvi becomes confused if you drive around when it is turned off. Put it in the middle of an open field and leave it on for a half hour. It will get a good position and download almanac data - so it knows where the satellites should be when it looks for them.



Did you do the required software update from Garmin?
Did you try a reset by pressing and holding power button for 10 seconds?

Error on my part...

The red dot shows the direction of movement... NOT NORTH. North is the top and south the bottom.