view pre loaded map?


i set up my route using Google Maps, and loaded it into my Garmin NUVI 1300 but i did it more than once, and i only need one of the maps, but i need to know which map i am deleting. how can i view the map without waiting so long is simulation mode? OH>>>BTW, since my update from garmin, google maps will not recognize the NUVI is hooked up and i cannot send a custom route to the NUVI anymore... I updated the plug in, and it says there is no further updated plug in

Route import on nuvi 1300 ... don't think so!

There are two things about your post that don't make sense. First, the nuvi 13xx series does not support Custom Routes or route import from any source. The 14xx series does, but not the 13xx. Second, there is no support for direct import of routes from Google maps on any nuvi. You have to use a third party utility to convert the route to a .GPX file before it can be imported to the nuvi. Nuvi's that support Custom Route import can import routes from other sources like Mapquest, Mapsouce, Streets&Trips, and others. But on a 1300, even that won't work.

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I finally was able to do it.

I finally was able to do it. I went to google maps, and put in a start and destination, and then once the route showed up on the map, I could manipulate the route to go around a place (like new york) and then once that was done, i just went to the "send" button up at the top right of the page and hit the "GPS" button, and then it opened up the Garmin webpage and allowed me to load it into the attached garmine via the USB cord


i still need to know how to view a route before i take the trip.....

As mentioned

the 1300 series Nuvi does not support "Custom" routes. So even though you go through the steps and everything appears to work, you cannot view the "Custom" route.



You will need to print it out on paper.


Go back to Google maps and zoom in to see the route you've chosen.

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OK, just want to be clear.

OK, just want to be clear. So the route i manipulated on Google Maps, to go around NY and that i sent to my GPS WIll not work when i take my trip? What happens to it? will the Nuvi just ignore it and go its own way? It shows in my favorites folder on the Nuvi, and when i did do a extreme view (from like outer space) it shows the route going around NY, and not the way that Google had originally had me going.

Destination, not route.

First, as I said in the earlier post, Google does not transfer routes directly to ANY nuvi. Google will transfer a point, in your case the destination, to the nuvi as a Favorite.

Second, the 1300 does not have route import capability period. You can create an "active" multipoint route by manually inserting vias after you select your destination, but you can not save, recall or import the modified route on a 1300.

Third, if the nuvi calculated the exact same route to your destination that the Google did, you got lucky.

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Your final destination got transferred to your GPS as a waypoint. I think that's all what you've accomplished.

Your GPS, the same as mine, doesn't support routes. When I want it to go my way, I build a net of waypoints and force my route through them. For example when I start I enter the final destination and my first waypoint as a Viapoint. Once I reach my first waypoint I enter the second waypoint as a Viapoint and so on. It would be much nicer with routes but unfortunately our units don't support them, although as much as I know even with that feature it isn't as easy as one would think.