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I live in Ct and travel thru NY & NJ a lot. My nuvi 660 wants to send me along I-95 and the GW bridge. I want to avoid that area and use I-684, I-287, and the GSParkway. I used Mapsource & the tracking to reroute to my favorite route, but something went wrong and it tried to return my to the NYC route. Have other people used this feature with success? I thought I saved it and downloaded it right.

Nuvis & MapSource

The Nuvi series units are not capable of loading a route created in MapSource.

What you will need to do is identify a point somewhere on your alternate, preferred route and save that point in your favorites. Then, when you've selected & entered your destination, go back to the main screen and go to your favorites, then select that point created previously and your unit will ask if you want to insert that as a Via Point, say yes to that prompt, and your unit should take you down your preferred route.

Otherwise, just go where you want to go, and let the thing nag you until if figures out you're going your own way and finally leaves you alone. smile

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nuvi & Mapsource

Wouldn't be nice if Garmin added this feature to all of their units on the next upgrade.


Excellent idea..

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feature on 2720

The 2720 unit can do this. It can store 50 routes and custom routes can be downloaded exactly as designed. That is a key reason why I went with the 2720 vs the other Garmin models.

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