Texas Garmin c320 New User


Hello everyone. I just purchased a Garmin c320 as my first GPS unit. I purchased it as a Christmas gift to myself but don't think I'll be able to wait until the 25th to open it.

I happen to stumble upon this site and think it will be extremely useful in my getting to know my c320. I'm the tyupe that needs to know all the features/capabilities of a new toy. Reading some of the post already shows me I'm in the right place.

Please be gentle with me if I post something that seems rudimentary.

I already have a question but am determined to find the answer on my own....but feel free to chime in if you have a moment. My home location is not listed in my friends TomTom, Google Earth, or any of the other sites out there. My home street is 2 years old which makes me beleive it is to new to be included in the latest maps. I would think there is a way to find out my locations long and lat, enter it into the c320 and just those coordinates as a way to find "home" if I ever get lost (not likely but still would love to have home in the system). Any ideas?

___________________________________________ I'm going to save so much gas with this thing.

Setting Home Location

You can save your coordinates using Where To > My Locations > Set Home.

If your road isn't in the GPS, I most GPS models will take you to the closest nearby street and then switch to "off road" navigation (which shows an arrow that points in the direction of your final destination).

Garmin has a feature on their web site that lets you browse the maps they ship with their GPS. Here's a link: Garmin MapSource Map Viewer