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How to quiet voice guidance on 1490T


I recently purchased a refurbished 1490T and am happy with the large screen.

I noticed, and Garmin confirmed, you cannot turn off voice guidance. I would have never thought that would not be an option. With my prior Garmin unit, I always had it turned off and basically used it to predict my arrival time. Now, with the 1490T traffic, I have even more reason to use it everyday for common routes (like commuting), but I do not need the directions.

Is there a way to install a voice file that basically doesn't talk. Since I can't turn off voice guidance, perhaps I can use a "muted" voice file of some sort. Has anyone tried making one?

Turning the volume down or muting it works okay, but then makes bluetooth useless, another reason for purchasing this unit. Meanwhile, I tend to turn my radio up....

I appreciate the help. I imagine others must be frustrated with this as well.

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Try the TTS Voice Editor from TurboCCC. You can open the voice file, turn down the volume, and then save it again.

Find it here:

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Another thing to try is to simply rename the \Voice folder to something else like \Voice.disabled. The theory behind this is if the unit can't find the \Voice folder, the voices won't be used. Don't know if it will work though.

An alternate thing to try is to simply delete all the voices from the \Voice folder on the nuvi. Be sure and back them up to another disk/folder so when you need them, you know where they are. If you have issues with the unit complaining there are no voices, simply copy them back to the unit. You can also get them back on the unit using WebUpdater.

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Perhaps not preferred voice

Juggernaut wrote:

Try the TTS Voice Editor from TurboCCC. You can open the voice file, turn down the volume, and then save it again.

Find it here:

If you have a preferred voice when you really do want voice prompts, then maybe you could select an alternate voice to reduce the volume on and change the unit to that voice AFTER reducing the volume as Juggernaut suggests. Then, whenever voice prompts are reguired, change back to to full volume preferred voice.

Great,, thank you!

I'll try editing a new voice with the volume reduced. I do want an option to turn it on, so having a duplicate voice with reduced volume will hopefully work.

Garmin Nüvi 360, 1490T

Volume Low (or off)

Am I missing something or is it an over looked option to just turn the volume down (or off).

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you missed it

He said in the post that by turning the volume down or off affects his bluetooth.

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