POIs off road


I was unable to find any information on this. If anyone has some information, I would appreciate it.

My wife and I recently drove to BC from Winnipeg. In Moose Jaw SK there is a big moose off the east bound side of the Trans Canada Highway. I believed I had set a proximity alert but nothing came up.

My wonder is if the site is off the highway that it is beyond the "range" of a proximity alert. Would changing the file to a "TourGuide", not sure how, make a difference?

Some other "offbeats" are not on the more highly travelled road and may be missed if you expect to get an advance warning about them.

Thank you for any help.

Have a nice day. H.


Post to Garmin


You might get more responses by posting to the Garmin forum rather than Mac topics assuming you're using your nuvi 250.

But yes, if the moose (not the actual moose but the POI lat/long) isn't right along the highway, you won't get an alert as you drive by. Changing to a TourGuide with a large enough radius will alert you.

Note that you can test this in Simulation mode so you can see how it works without physically retuning to Moose Jaw (as fun as that might be wink )

Mac post

It seems it is a Mac problem as the Windows people have a program which looks as if it will cure the problem, Extra_POI_Editor.

I shall see what happens and get it moved if results are poor.

Thank you CraigW for your thoughts. H.


POIs Off Road

If the moose moves on to the next valley you will not get an alert!

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