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Armstrongs Restaurant located in the Caste Village Shopping Center in Castle Shannon used to be one of my favorite spots for a family dinner. However, for reasons I can not explain, the quality of the food and service has gotten progressively worse over the past couple of years. I can understand the rise in menu prices, that is to be expected. The friendly service and the staffs attentive style seems to be a thing of the past. Refilling of the water glasses, speed of items coming from the kitchen, and even packaging of leftovers leave alot to be desired. I even attempted to contact the owners, Ralph and Linda, however my calls were never returned. THIS PLACE USED TO BE TOP NOTCH! I hope they can return to their former glory.

Good Review

Good review but where is the restaurant ?

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Castle Shannon

There's a Castle Shannon in the Pittsburgh area and there are 4 restaurant's named "Armstrong".

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Pretty sure it's the one in the Caste Village Shopping Center. Lots of recent reviews talk about inconsistent service. Used to always be excellent. Couldn't find a website.

GPS coordinates:

40.357874, -80.000928

Armstrong’s (in Caste Village Shopping Center)
5301 Grove Rd,
Pittsburgh, PA 15236
(412) 885-1033

Last time I heard, my aunt

Last time I heard, my aunt loves that place. Haven't heard from her in awhile, so things may have turned out like your review.

Hope not cause she is a big fan.