Cant delete POI


I don't know how I did this but I am trying to delete a file called ETC I made for a POI.
I went into my Garmin folder in my doc and deleted the gpx file and csv file but when I unplug my gps it still is on my handheld.

I tried the POI loader but it says it will remove all my POI.

Does anyone have any advice?

Delete POI

When you use POI Loader to create POI on your GPS, the program converts your POI file(s) into a file called "POI.GPI". When this file is created it is placed directly on your GPS. Here are two options:

a) With your GPS connected to your computer search the GPS for a file called "POI.GPI" and delete it. You can use this approach if your "ETC" POI are the only ones you have installed.

b) Re-run POI Loader and reinstall all of your POI except for the "ETC" one. Use this approach if you still have other custom POI you wish to keep.

Each time POI Loader is run it creates a new POI.GPI file. It loads all of the POI files within the directory selected, plus those one sub-directory deep. By deleting the GPX and CSV file as you said you did, re-running POI-Loader will simply reload the POI files that remain on your computer and not the one(s) you deleted.

Hope this helps.


Run POI Loader to Keep It Simple

Run POI Loader and it will replace all the POIs you do want that are stored on your PC in My Doc/Garmin, as well as overwrite the POI file you want removed.

It is true that all POIs are replaced when you run POI Loader, but it's easy to deal with. Just keep them all in one place on your computer, in one folder that in my PC I call Custom POIs, which is in the My Documents/Garmin folder. In the Custom POIs folder are a number of subfolders such as K-Marts, Red Light Cameras, McDonalds, or whatever you want.

Let's say you want to download the latest Red Light Camera file. Save the new file to Custom POIs/Red Light Cameras to replace the old file. All the old K-Mart POIs, etc. you previously downloaded still exist in their subfolders inside Custom POIs on your computer.

When you run POI Loader, navigate to the Custom POIs folder. POI Loader overwrites all POIs in the GPS, and it uses every subfolder in Custom POIs on your computer and asks whether you want to install each one when running in manual mode, or installs every subfolder in automatic mode. For instance, it takes the K-Mart POIs and installs them again, so the same old K-Mart POIs will still be in the GPS when you are finished.

If you want to delete the K-Mart POIs, delete the K-Mart subfolder on the PC which is inside the Custom POIs folder. Run POI Loader. It deletes all POIs in the GPS and installs all the POIs from the PC into the GPS from all the subfolders except K-Mart, which is not there anymore.

The factory-loaded POIs are not involved in this, and are safe from being over-written or deleted.

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