Nuvi owners - Question for you.


My 680 I purchased DID NOT include a CD/DVD with any mapsource product. When I registered the unit with Garmin I got the email saying I had unlocked

"City Navigator North America NT v8, Deluxe All Regions, Apr 06"

My question is do I have to purchase a seperate copy for my PC or is there a way to download it and use the same unlock code my Nuvi generated. As of yet I haven't found a link.



You can either email or call Garmin tech support and request a v8 DVD, which will have Mapsource included. Let them know what you purchased and they should send it to you for free. If they try to charge you, call again.

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Garmins reasoning

Their reasoning for not including the dvd is that you don't need it, since your maps are preloaded. Also, you cannot transfer routes to your gpsr.

However, if you contact Garmin and state the obvious, that you realize you cannot transfer maps and routes. You would like the Mapsource dvd in order to manage your favorites.
With the dvd you can keep a back up copy of your "Favorites" on your computer in the event you ever need to perform a "Hard Reset".
You can also state that in order to utilize the "TourGuide" capability of your 680, you would like the dvd in order to create your own TourGuide files.

If your do a search here using "free mapsource" you will find plenty of reading. Many of us have received the dvd free of charge, some have paid various amounts. I personally sent an email stating what I outlined above, some have phoned their request. I was sent the dvd free of charge, as many others have.

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I emailed Garmin asking how to obtain a copy and I received a reply in less than 24 hours saying they would be happy to ship me a copy free of charge. About three days later it showed up on the UPS truck.

Gotta love service like that.


Officer I'm sorry I was going the wrong way on that one-way street but my GPS told me to turn left ... Oh, I'm still getting a ticket, okay then the GPS will see ya in court!

Alrighty then

Thanks I'll give it the old college try...

if all else fails

You could sim a couple of mk-82 runs over the plant.

All in good fun, of course!

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