Did I buy the wrong unit


So I had given GPS units some glances over the past. The last time I had seriously look at them the c340 was $700 and I was unwilling to spend that. Flash forward to tis weekend. I ready to go on a trip, I don't have much time to do research, but hey the c340 is $350 at BestBuy, I swing down there , pick one up, and head out on the road.

Now of course I'm having second thoughts. Did I buy the right unit for what I want to do. The last time I looked NuVIs weren't out, but I'm thinking that perhaps the NuVI 350 would suit me better. I do have a desire to go Geocaching. With the lack of true coordinate information and a pedestrian mode, will I be hamperd in this? Is that the only major difference between a c340 and a NuVI 350? Is that worth another $150?

I am lucky enough that no I didn't crack the software packet in the box, so the unit I have should be returnable. I'm just not sure if this is general buyers remorse, or a valid concern.

Did I buy the wrong unit ?????????

The old question comes up - what do you want the unit to do for you !
I have a C330 which I bought a year ago - it has taken X-country extended trips, touring, visiting - I have inputted my own POI's plus some of the more necessary POI files for extended highway travel - it has found me restaurants, ATM's , motels - it's adequate for me ! I leave on another 3000 mile plus trip this week ! The C330 is adequate for my use !
All in the eyes of the beholder !!!!!!

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If you have any doubt ...

If you have any doubt, return it.

I have the C340 and love it, but it meets my needs.

If the Nuvi 350 is better for you, then go for it!
It's $399.99 on Amazon with FREE shipping.

I bought mine through them with no problems.

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Did I Buy The Wrong Unit

The Nuvi 350 is a great unit. It will do what you need. Walmart online has it for $398.00.

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How about Nuvi 360

How about Nuvi 360?

frys.com Nuvi 360 -> 399.99


Compare Models & Features beofre you buy


Go there, check a few boxes, compare features, find the one that best meets your needs, then, price-shop on-line, and buy the one you want at the best price.

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Check out the C530

Its in the same price range < $399

figure out your needs first

I would recommend to know what you are looking for in a unit and where you plan to use it as well. For my company my partner and I are testing out the Streetpilot C330 and C550 (C580 wasn't out at the time) We did the purchases on not just features but how and where my guys would be using them.

The C330 is going to 2 old timers because they don't care for bluetooth and they aren't in the city to often with skyscrapers, as such the C330 is perfect for them as all they care about is how to get from point a to point b with some POI loaded for our job sites that we are starting to do.

The C550 is for my partner and I plus 2 of my other guys that do a fair amount of talking and like the bluetooth feature, plus we are in the downtown core of toronto that does have a lot of tall buildings and skyscrapers, as such the new chip has better sensitivity for this area. I say try to figure out your needs and where you plan to use it most often, unless your like me and just like having the latest techno gadgets grin

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Test them out if you can

I first seriously considered buying one was when I went on a ski trip with my friend who has the Garmin c330. It works great, and is very simple.

I ended up getting Nuvi 350 because it's thinner. However, I don't personally think it would be different for me with a c330 or a Nuvi in terms of the functions I use. The maps and features are the same for me.

I do have to say that I love the size of the Nuvi because I can bring it with me in my bag without worrying it gets stolen from my car. But I had accidentally took the GPS and thought it was my camera for many times! I guess that's the drawback of it being so small.

I would trade up - but that's me....

Hi! I tested a c330, a c530, and a c550... I turned the lessers in for the c550... moostly because, when you use the c5XX series, you have a hard time going back once you find out how many light years better the SiRF chipset is (in GPS sensitivity and lock-on). I went with the 550 mostly because I wanted the traffic reports too (commuting in DC). The traffic reports IMO are insufficiently detailed, but the concept is a good one; they have saved me from jams a couple times... But there is no equal between the 3XX and 5XX for lock up. Also the NUVI and 5XX's have the nicer/easier touchscreen....

Now, my wife wanted one next, and for her shorter drives, she really likes the c330 I got her. It also has a few more limits (I think on memory, I forget, and the software bells & whistles are close, but slightly less). But they both show the topo maps via SD card nicely. I also have a bud who showed me his NUVI 5XX GPS - pretty gucci in size. I still liked the brightness and mp3 capability of the Streetpilot better.

So, for me, I was happy with the 330, until I tried the 5XX series.... and there was no turning back. When I use my wife's car, I bite my tongue when we lose lock in urban canyons, lest I have to pay to upgrade hers, too LOL!

Hope that helps!


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SirF primary consideration...

So what I shoulda said, it seemed to me that so long as I found a SirF chipset GPS, all else was icing...

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has some gps units and some people buy from there for their good return policy. Let's say that your gps is out dated in 6 months or so then you can simply return it and swap it for a new one. Personally, I don't think this is the best way of using or abusing return policy but just to let you know.

Be sure to check with Costco

Be sure to check with Costco on their policy on returning electronic items. I read that they have changed their policy to 90 days. Don't know if its implemented.

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Costo return policy

While it is true that Costco recently changed it's return policy on certain item, ie., cameras, computers, mp3 players,cell phones, tv's, to 90 days, the original return policy for other items (including GPS's) remains intact. That said, one should be able to return a GPS unit virtually anytime, even after a year. Noteworthy, is that while the return policy has changes for these items, Costco has now instituted a free lifetime tech support for these items, except for cell phones, which is covered by the cell phone company, not Costco.


HarveyS wrote:

Be sure to check with Costco on their policy on returning electronic items. I read that they have changed their policy to 90 days. Don't know if its implemented.

it's true, while the new policy is in affect. They have yet to implement this policy. I returned a defective tv a little over 90 days when I've found out that they were changing their policy.


I have a nuvi 350 which is great in the vehicle but not so good for geocaching. It doesn't have a compass and the touch screen is subject to accidently changing modes. For Geocaching I bought a cheap Garmin eTrex Legend that does everything you need for Geocaching.

Had c330, got the Nuvi

sorta like all laid out in above reasons.
1) Same price roughly
2) SIRF is a big plus
3) Altitude and coords were a big plus
4) size
5) Text to speech

were my reasons for the few extra $ for Nuvi over the c330 - Amazon took my c330 back with no questions asked and I got the Nuvi from costco when it was available for 350.00

Now if you REALLY are into geocache and outdoorsy stuff - I'd consider the above suggestion of an Etrex, I have my old B&W vista which I'm now using more often since getting the nuvi. the color ones are in the same price range, but the B&W ones are cheap.....


I just bought a nuvi 350 refurbished from tiger direct for 350. Just a thought. Of course as has been stated, the nuvi is not a good "outdoor" unit. The Garmin Quest model is a pretty good double duty unit or even better, you can buy a refurbished or used hiking/handheld model for well under 100 bucks online. I always suggest having one for the car and a cheaper hiking model for geocaching and hiking. A true double duty GPS unit is hard to find with all the right bells and whistles for BOTH car and foot use. JMHO's.

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Nuvi 350 cost

Does anyone if the Nuvi ia available anywhere for close to $350.00?

Sams Club Online has it now

Sams Club Online has it now for $383.38

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nuvi 350

Thanks for your imput. Hopefully, Sams Club has the same return policy on GPS units.


I don't remember the model, but they have a beautiful unit that's just been introduced with many high end features on sale now at circuit city for $199 online and there are other places to get it even cheaper.

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