French Language used to announce numbered street names on a navigator set for English


Let me start by saying that I am in Montreal, Quebec.

And no, I'm not discussing the basic prompting that the navigator does (which is set to English), but rather the TTS street names . . .

I stuck my Zumo 660 (CNNA 2010.20 in the car because it had a waypoint for a client in memory and it was simpler to pull that device from my bike and shove it in the car than it was to drag both navigators into the house, extract the waypoint from the Zumo and stick it in the Nuvi . . . it had been saved as a screen touch, rather than an address.

I was headed to a part of town that I rarely visit - the street names there are numeric - and, as I was driving along and approached a turn identified on the banner bar as 'rue 80 est" I was surprised to hear the Zumo telling me to "Turn left on Rue Quatre-Vignt Est', rather than "Turn left on Roo Eighty est" (the words 'rue' and 'est' being mangled because they are spelled the way they are in the database. Other numeric street names were likewise annnounced in French.

I suppose that to find out for sure I'll really need to migrate the waypoint to see whether the Nuvi 780 does the same thing (it runs a 2009 map set), but the fact that it used the french language to announce the numeric street names when the unit is set for English was surprising (not that this should have made a huge difference, I suppose).

Anyone else see that as well? Perhaps Spanish enunciation for numbered streets in Florida, for example?

Currently have: SP3, GPSMAP 276c, Nuvi 760T, Nuvi 3790LMT, Zumo 660T