Few Sales For New Garmin Phone At T-Mobile

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I think the most telling part of it is the last sentence, the salespeople are pushing the HTC and haven't even moved the Nuviphone out for display.

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Big Mistake

Garmin made a huge mistake by entering the smartphone fray, they never stood a chance aganst Apple, RIMM, or HTC. Now they have fallen far behind their competetors that saw the future was in Apps and are far ahead of Garmin. You have to wonder how long Garmin can resist being takenover by a "private investment firm"


The G60 was as big a failure and the hardware (without the radio) now forms the basis for the Nuvi 295.

I suppose that it is 3 strikes and they're out of the business.

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Could just be that Tmobile

Could just be that Tmobile SUCKS! It was the worst cell coverage I EVER had. Sure, Verizon limits the capabilities of their phones, and their CS leaves a lot to be desired, but they have great coverage.

I agree with you on

I agree with you on Verizon.They do have the best coverage.If only they could fix problem with contacting them in a timely matter.

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they shoulda stuck with

they shoulda stuck with gmobile xt and released it for the nokia n8, iphone and android. garmin does software and high end hardware well. they never did low end consumer grade hardware well.

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Garmin didn't do their homework.

Garmin didn't do the research well. Lot of T-mobile customer using unlocked iPhone with navigation apps like Magellan, TomTom, Navigon, nDrive. 7 out of 10 of my friends using iPhone on T-mobile carrier.

Another reason Garmin phone price was so high compare to HTC, RIMM and iphone.

Garmin should making the Mobile XT app for iPhone instead and they will selling well.