New Nuvi (replaced TomTom)


New Nuvi
To make a long story short - my TomTom just stopped working. My wife thinks it was fried in the heat in the car. Could be. So I replaced it with a Nuvi 255w. Nice unit not as sturdy as the TomTom but nice. First use was to drive to work 41 miles and see if it showed me any new routes.

It took me the same routes but it did recalculate faster and did not over estimate the time to destination like the TomTom.



Congrads to you on your new Nuvi- Love my Nuvi and Magellan, couldn't get used to the Tom Tom, but all have there quirks and perks, yea I always keep mine with me when I'm not in my truck, to hot in Tucson even for bug..... Be sure to do updates....

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Welcome to POI Factory as a nuvi user. Since I have no non-Garmin experiences, I can't compare nuvis to Tom Toms but will note that the number of Garmin users here exceed the Tom Tom, Magellan, etc. folks so you're likely to find more and quicker help now from others compared to the Tom Tom questions that arise.

As already suggested, check for updates (download, install and run Garmin's Webupdater), register your nuvi at mygarmin and check to see if it has a free map update available (there's a 60-day time window so don't dawdle), and since the nuvi appears as a removeable drive on your computer when USBed to a computer, do a backup and make a full copy of your nuvi on your computer. That may save you a lot of hassle at a future date.

And I suppose what I should have said first is to read the Garmin FAQs on this site.

Also note that the Quick Guide that came with your 255W offers much less info than the full 64-page Owners Manual available online, so downloading and saving the Manual may be of use to you now or in the future:

Good Unit

I think you will be happy with the unit. It is a very easy to understand get you from point A to point B unit.

You may want to check on your TomTom battery. I would (since it is dead already) open it up and see if you can unhook the battery and then power it up off the charger.


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