Businesses which post GPS waypoint files on their sites


It's commonplace now for business websites to post maps and buttons to get driving directions. Some businesses, like Flying J, try to post waypoint files (see here: but what I was able to download had mistakes in it, and Firefox was not able to download it at all.
Today I came across a web site that will quickly generate & then allow you to download a useful batch of both icons and waypoints. provides customized lists of ATM's in its network based on any location you choose, at distances from 5 to 50 miles. When the results are displayed, there is also a menu selection "GPS download". Select that & you can download a BMP icon for MoneyPass, and one of 12 different GPS waypoint formats.
I was able to very quickly display locations for their ATM's on my mapping software.
I hope that eventually all business websites will have this feature.

Businesses and GPS Locations

I think any business that has multiple locations and targets a "travelling audience" would be CRAZY to not include a downloadable GPS file for all of their locations. Although the POI Factory is a great place to find all kinds of spiffy information, a GPS location direct from the "source" would likely be more accurate and - perhaps - more up-to-date. And since the user would be downloading the informaiton, the business would already have an potential buyer!