Contributors of the week 2006-11-20


This week, we are recognizing Acrown1 for his great work at the POI Factory over the last week. Although he's only been registered on the site for a few days, he's already shared several red light camera locations and uploaded new POI files for Lowes, Ikea and Home Depot.

Thank you for sharing!

Miss Poi

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I thank you

Cool, I love helping others; I just never expected recognition in this way.
I thank you, and count on some more, interesting poi files I am working on.

Oh almost forgot by spring 2007 five new cams will be added to Roosevelt blvd. in Philly.


What part of Philly are you in? We are from the Phoenixville area.
Miss Poi

north east

In the north east, by Cottman & Bustleton ave.

tile contractor

I am a tile contractor ( out of the Philly area.

Due to the fact, I am out on the road day after day and easily spot many cams. I created those files out of need, and thanks to this site, I now have the chance to share this info.