Class action lawsuit challenges Knoxville's red light cameras


KNOXVILLE (WATE) - A class action lawsuit filed in chancery court challenges Knoxville's red light ordinance for a three year period.

The attorney in the case, Robert Pryor, argues that the city's ordinance violated the state constitution from February 1, 2005, when Knoxville passed its ordinance, through July 1, 2008.

Pryor filed the lawsuit Monday against the city and Redflex Traffic Systems Inc.

The suit is on behalf of four Knoxville residents: Jason Patrick Davis, Lisa B. Cox, Mitchell Stooksbury and Melissa Sue Hill.

The suit seeks refunds of all fines, penalties, late fees and other charges made for red-light tickets for all people as a class cited during the three year period.

Pryor said in the suit that during that time, Knoxville city code was in conflict with the state's general traffic laws.

He said state legislation passed in 2008 cured the conflict.

The lawsuit doesn't seek refunds for anyone after the state law went into effect.