Diners, drive-ins, and dives


So I've loaded the .csv, .bmp, and .mp3 files into my Garmin for the Diners, drive-ins, and dives. Am I understanding correctly that if these were renamed to a tour guide format that it would alert me if I got within a certain radius of these? I'm assuming that none of these would be on the main routes I'm taking while traveling.

Yes putting TourGuide in the

Yes putting TourGuide in the file name will give you a radius alert instead of along the route alert.Using poiloader in the manual mode and setting the distance will determine how much of a radius.Or using gpx file to build the alert distance into the file.Examples below.A good setting for being alerted for locations off the interstate using TourGuide is 2 miles that works well for me.
TourGuide Diners drive-ins and dives.csv
TourGuide Diners drive-ins and dives.bmp
TourGuide Diners drive-ins and dives.mp3

Diners drive-ins and dives TourGuide.csv
Diners drive-ins and dives TourGuide.bmp
Diners drive-ins and dives TourGuide.mp3

See http://www.poi-factory.com/node/13958 for good info on TourGuide.

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Some Will, Some Won't

Yes. Putting "TourGuide" at the front of the file names enables you to set an alert radius for proximity alerts (when you load it using POI Loader.)

But as far as whether they are on or off your routes depends on what roads you're taking. US Highways are chock full of interesting venues.

The point of proximity alerts... is being notified when you are close to one because you would be interested in going off-route to see or use them. things of interest to you.

But another way to use something like this POI file is stopping when you are getting hungry (or bored) and looking for what's nearby. Then add it as a waypoint, be taken there, enjoy your meal (or entertainment) and be taken back to the best route to where you are ultimately going.

For things like food or gas or parts or repair shops, etc., you don't need any kind of alert. Just find them when you need them.

And there may be things that most people might use without an alert, that you might use with an alert... if you want to visit every Harley Dealer you pass an alert would be helpful.

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Awesome, Thanks

I never knew this. I'll definitely be trying this out.


Good tour guide format

Just bookmarking this. I am going to set up some Tour guides and this is good information. Don't know if I can find it when I am ready with the title it has.


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