How often do you update POI files?


Once I joined up I spent hours touring through the available POI files and sorting them into folders to add to my 780.

I download almost every redlight camera file as they are released and update my nuvi probably about every 6 weeks or so for that specific redlight file. If I see a new camera loaded for my area I always update with that release.

However, I have not gone back through all my other files and updated them since last fall.

How often do you guys update POI files?

Every answer will be different

But I keep mine refreshed whenever there are significant changes or changes in areas I frequent often. To put it another way, I'll look to see what's new and the changes that have been made. If there are additions of corrections nearby, I'll update immediately otherwise I'll let several changes stack up before downloading and processing an update.

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Refreshing POI's

If I am going on a trip/vacation, I just before I go. Otherwise I usually go through all my POI's about every 6 months. If you use the "My Favorite Files" this will help you know which ones have been updated.

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I always download the latest

I always download the latest versions of my files, but probably only update my unit every other month.

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I check in at least weekly

and download the latest updates primarily using the very helpful My Favorite Files function. In addition, do weekly updates of the redlight camera file.

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typically average about 3-6 months

maybe think about it at 3 and end up actually doing it after 6 months...

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Can't stop updating

I always try to find something to add. So I'd say once a week.

Update Before Big Trips

I don't use the camera files, so I don't see a need for frequent updating.

I check out the new POIs and have occasionally downloaded one or two. I usually go through the Offbeat Tourist Attraction file, just to find neat places to look up on the Net wink . We usually make a couple of big trips per year, travelling into unfamiliar areas. Just before we leave I update the POI files that I might need - most often the Rest Area, gas station and the restaurant files. And the golf course and casino files!

I update my POI file folder

I update my POI file folder as soon as I see an updated file that I use, but I'll only update my GPS unit about once a month or so...unless I'm planning to take a trip and then I'll do it right away.

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I update my POIs weekly, including enforcement cameras and geocaches.

Same thing here weekly when

Same thing here weekly when the camera files are posted.

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"As Needed"

If I am going on a trip outside the area where I live, I update all of the files I use, or plan to use one the trip, a day or two before I leave.

The "My Favorite Files" link at the upper right of every page makes it easy to see what files I use have been updated since the last time I updated my unit.

I also keep an eye on the new poi files about once a week. If a new one I'd like to have is created, I download it right away to my "Latest Downloads" folder on my hard drive so when I do update my unit, these new pois get added as a matter of course. It'll also show up in "My Favorite Files" so I don't miss it in the future.

I almost never update my unit if I am not going out of my area because there aren't too many things that change locally, requiring more frequent updates.

So succinctly, updating once every other month or so is all I need to do to remain current unless something new becomes available that can be used locally.

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how often update

I guess a few times a year for major updates is sufficient, and once a month for the redlight cameras.

RLC is the most important to

RLC is the most important to me so I updated every few weeks. Though I didn't bother the others.

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Download to PC on daily basis

I also check My Favorite Files on a daily basis and download any updated ones to my PC. Update my GPSr when going on a trip, or if I have particular interest in one of the files I downloaded.

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check daily and download to

check daily and download to laptop, then move to gps whenever I hook up to laptop

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only when needed

I only download the pois that I need on long trips. I only update redlight poi when I drive into NY. Other times the GPS is just in the drawer.

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mariner wrote:

Other times the GPS is just in the drawer.

*gasp* Sacrilege! razz

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I check the weekly

I check the weekly Redlight/Speed Camera POI updates. If there are any changes to my state or states that I drive in, then I download that POI update.

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Every 6 months

Usually every 6 months or right before I'm going to take a trip or drive somewhere that I want to make sure I have the latest files. Redlight cameras and Rest Areas are really the two that change the most for what I use.

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I'll update my files whenever something changes in My Favorites and will usually download that to my GPS when I think about it. I usually "think" about it every 3-4 months. confused

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I check the site daily but

only download the latest updates using the My Favorite Files function....especially before going on a trip. However, I have noticed that the My Favorites File list will show a new update but when I go to the POI page the date shown doesn't agree. Before this function updating was a very hit-and-miss deal smile

I also do weekly updates of the red light camera file.

If I am going on a trip

ahsumtoy wrote:

If I am going on a trip/vacation, I just before I go. Otherwise I usually go through all my POI's about every 6 months. If you use the "My Favorite Files" this will help you know which ones have been updated.

I'm with you on this one, with the exception of camera files. I update them as needed for comfort.

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I update everything every

I update everything every Wednesday, along with the newest cam files.

Only when I plan to go on a trip

As I don't need a GPS to move around the local area, I do update Red Light, Rest Stops and a few other POI files when a long car trip is planned.

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Update POI Files

Since Idaho has no red light or speed cameras, I only update them before I go into an area that has them.

So only twice in the last year.

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red-light update

Every couple months

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I check red light cameras

I check red light cameras and speed trips files every month.

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Every other week...

And when I do system backups at home. If there's an update to the device software, I'll do general updates as well so everything gets backed up (update POIs, do backup, THEN do the system update!)

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At Least Monthly

Keep files up-to-date weekly, but only update Garmin unit on about a monthly basis, unless I'm going on a trip...


Whenever Mahoney posts an update for one of the seemingly hundreds of files he maintains. Don't know why, but it seems like he and I would get along ... the files he updates ... are the files I like to upload to my GPS.

Thankfully, Mahoney seems to be slowing down the pace of his updates.

Guess we're both getting old.

Seriously, I love every one of his POI files ... and would be crushed if he quit updating them.

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I download every Wednesday, Red Light & Speed Cameras. Great site.!! smile grin


Hmmm, seldom enough that I have to

think for a while before I remember the steps to take...

Roughly once Every couple of months

Any time I head out of town, I'll open up my POI folder, see what POI's I have and do a search here for those POI files. If the ones here have a more recent date than the date stamp on my files, I'll download the new ones.

I would try one a month

I would try once a month

Only the redlight cameras

If there are camera changes for NY, then I update my redlight camera POI.

Only when a File Changes

I only update when there is a change to one of my files. The two that usually change are the redlight cameras for Nassau County, NY and the Rest Area's POI. If they do not change, then I do not update.

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as needed, or monthly

I'll update the red light file at least monthly. Used to scour the POI files much more than I do now. It was pretty easy to pack in way too many files. Now it's on an as needed basis.

since I do alot of driving I

since I do alot of driving I update 2-3 x's a mnth.

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I use POI Sync to download

I use POI Sync to download my 65 POI Files. I update them biweekly along with Red Light Camera File.

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Whenever I see a change for files I have or I am going on a long multi-state trip.

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My Favorites

I had never noticed the My Favorites....great feature and I am glad it has now come to my attention. I have many POI files with new content to work on.


I like to update mine approximately once a month, or when I travel I make sure that I update to the most current prior to my trip.

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