Top 10 must have POI files??


So what are the TOP 10 must have POI files? I thought that would be a FAQ or something.

I am going to have to say...

I think it really is up to the user. everyone here that I can tell is from many differnt places so it will depend on your state as well as what you are looking for.

I dont think we could say the top 10 due to the fact everyone is intrested in so much..

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Right light camera.

It is going to save you money.


Trader Joe's locations!

It is pretty dependent on you I guess. I am a new user of the Nuvi 350, so still just have a few POIs, just 3 or 4. Most people I would guess would want something for the city they are going to visit, plus some local cities... I find that going to some local sites, I used to get lost (or strayed from the path), just because I would be thinking about something else at a point when I should be turning. Now I just let the GPS tell me (Emily).

ooops... rambling on here. What was the question? smile

Must have POI's?

The primary reason I use a GPS device is to help me get from point A to point B as quickly, as safely and as comfortably as possible.

With that in mind I would like POI's of local hospitals (preferably trauma/cardiac centers), local police departments, speed traps/red lights, hotel/motel locations, restaurants, fast food joints, supermarket chains, pharmacies, convenience stores (7-11, Wawa, U-Totem, etc.) and lastly, attractions.

Once you get to where you're going you can always program in any other POI that you think is necessary to make your stay even more enjoyable.

Remember, that's just my opinion! smile

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Must have POI's

1. Red light and speed trap cameras

2. Wawa Gas Stations
- Free ATM's and low priced gas

3. Krispy Kreme
- Will drive across 7 lanes of traffic for the "Hot Light"!

4. Wal-Mart
- Can't beat those everyday low prices

5. Petro and Pilot Travel Centers
- An oasis in the middle of nowhere

6. Waffle House
- Wife hates it. I like to take the artery challenge.

7. Costco
- Best place for tires and shrimp the size of drumsticks.

8. Five Guys
- I think my Nuvi is making me fat!

9. DC Metro Stations
- Helps solve the train vs driving question

10. Panera Bread
- Free wifi SBUX drinkers and great coffee.

I agree, you can't have a

I agree, you can't have a definite top 10, it depends on what you do and what you want. A retired couple traveling has different wants/needs then a business person who travels. Someone who doesn't speed or go through red lights might not care about redlight/speed cams.

For me, it would be gas, food, rest areas, walmarts (since you can find anything you may have forgotten there in one place).

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Top ten

My top ten list is different on weekdays and then on weekends. During the week my territory can take me to four different states. I have my C340 set for shortest way, and going from one location to another it has even taken me through some residential neighborhoods. But, it does save me time, gas and $$$.

The Must Have POI Files.

Well, for me it is more like a top 5 for places locally and when I am on the road on business - depending on the part of the country it can go to 15 POI files.

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