Phoenix - Mesa - What traffic school do you recommend?


Johnny caught me speeding on Power road the other day (54 in a 45 zone) and now I get to do traffic school again....

Have you been to a traffic school in Mesa recently ? Any recommendation on which on to attend ?

I see there are many private companies and was just wondering if any are more fun the the others rolleyes


Here is the list for Maricopa County
EZ AZ Traffic School
Drive Safe AZ Traffic School
Arizona Chapter National Safety Council
Drive Right LLC
Arizona Traffic Schools LLC
Arizona Defensive Driving School
National Traffic Safety Institute
Arizona "Crash Course" in Traffic Safety
Traffic 101
Central Phoenix Traffic School, LLC
2 Pass Defensive Driving
Arizona Academy of Defensive Driving

Who's the Cheapest..?

Call them all up and find out who's the cheapest.. and go to that one. Saves you money all the way around.


I'm not really lost.... just temporarily misplaced!